WYD 2013, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro will host the next World Youth Day in 2013. Pope Benedict XVI announced at the Final Mass, before millions of young pilgrims at the military airbase of Cuatro Vientos in Madrid.

“I am pleased now to announce that the next World Youth day will be held in 2013, in Rio de Janeiro”


  1. ive just attended my first WYD in madrid, it was an experience of a lifetime that left me changed forever, i cant wait to have one again, and to share it with others

  2. What dates is WYD in Brazil

  3. The wyd in Madrid and Spain was amazing and an experience of a lifetime ! The zeal to proclaim Christ as lord and provider will never die!!! viva El papa!! viva Espana!! See you in RIO!!!

  4. July 23-28, 2013

  5. It was my first experience of WYD in Spain,i am soooo doing Rio,my joy in being Catholic

  6. Dear,
    I am very interested to hear your story about WYD, could you share with me how to apply our group to join in WYD? thank you
    God Bless

  7. wydcentral says:

    Please visit the organizing committee’s website en.rio2013.com

  8. Hi WYD, i would like to participate in the next journey in brasil as coordinator, volunteer or any other position. I participated in Koln and I will never deny my wonderful experience which made to understand how beautiful and intensive is the life from the concept i found out.
    I speak english, french and spanish!!

  9. I had a high-spirited experience during the past 2 WYDs and I am looking forward to be in Brazil!They were an experience of God for me personally.

  10. Aurora Valdez says:

    The is going to be my first WYD, so I’m pretty excited! Que viva Cristo Rey!! Long-live Christ, our King and Salvation!!

  11. Maria Lerdo says:

    hey guys i would like to make a suggestion, i use to live in the USA and i had some wonderful people that guided me with my spiritual life and made me a better person, now i am living in mexico, city and i notice that evendough it has a lot of people with faith the youth do not know the meaning of what it is to be dedicated and be able to share their experience with people their age, if anyone knows how to get in contact with the diocese of mexico, let them know that World Youth Day is best way to get this experience, let them know to stop judging this teens just by the way they look, i mean God Loves Us just the way we are, and the Priest here dont seem to get that

  12. !0v3 90D says:

    I’m so excited! WOOO

  13. Rueben Lyngdoh says:

    the logo of the WYD2013 is indeed a breath taking n definitely it will draw many youth to the wyd to experience, share n b blessed. i wish the organiser all the best especially in preparing for this world event. May God guide u in every work that u are doing in putting up this event. May God bless u all.

  14. Stephanie Julius says:

    From South Africa Pe. Where do you register to be a part of WYD 2013? If you could please forward additional information asap please.

  15. guys, my Church is doing a group to WYD in Brazil and we have a great group rate for the whole trip 9nights and 10 days. If interested to join our group, email me asap to apply.

  16. Diljith Thankachan says:

    really wish to attend wyd in brazil…pray 4 u dear God..

  17. Alicia Ambrosio says:

    Hi Stephanie,
    WYD Rio just announced this week that registration will begin in July 2012, on line through their website. Registration always includes lodging, meals, and sometimes transportation. Keep checking the Rio2013 official website to see when the registration system opens. We’ll also post news on WYDCentral.

  18. Alicia Ambrosio says:

    Please be aware that registration for WYD Rio has not opened yet and registration fees have not been made public yet. Travel agencies often try to profit off WYD participants by offering “official packages”. Registration fees depend on which country you come from. Registration for WYD is always done through the official WYD website and includes accommodation, meals, and sometimes transit passes as well the option to participate in Days in the Dioceses, which will be called “mission week” in Rio.

  19. Samwise says:

    will there be a music contest for Rio too?

  20. siphiwe mncube says:

    I am from South Africa (diocese of ESHOWE )in the little village of Nkandla(current president of RSA residence as well)..I am very exited to join the Catholic youth of the world…. I must say i am ready for this!!!!

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