WYD 1993 – Denver, Colorado

WYD Cologne, Germany 2005


“I came that they might have life, and have it to the full” (cf. Jn  10:10)

Message of the Holy Father on the occasion of WYD 1993, Denver
Vatican city,15 August 1992 Dear Young People, 1. Following our meetings in Rome, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Compostela and Czestochowa, our pilgrimage through contemporary history continues. The next stop will be in Denver, in the heart of the United States, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado… read more

Homily of the Holy Father at the Final Mass of WYD 1993, Denver

Cherry Creek State Park, Denver, 15 August 1993 Beloved Young People and Dear Friends in Christ,1. Today the Church finds herself, with Mary, on the threshold of the house of Zechariah in Ain–Karim. With new life stirring within her, the Virgin of Nazareth hastened there, immediately after the Fiat of the Annunciation, to be of help to her cousin Elizabeth…read more


  1. I just turned my tv on and saw that they were broadcasting the WYD Rio tonight and had incredible memories from the time I spent in Denver in 1993. Listening to the theme song I am actually crying it was an amazing experience!!!

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