Registration for Rio 2013

With just over a year before World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro it’s almost time to register for the event.

The Rio organization advised that registration will open in July 2012. Groups of up to 50 people can register through the on-line registration portal that is expected to be up and running. Groups with more than 50 people will have to split themselves into groups of 50 for registration purposes.

As always, your registration with WYD includes accommodation and meals. WYD host cities always provide two different types of accommodation options: host families and group housing venues. Group accommodation venues are usually parishes or schools that convert their public spaces into dormitory style accommodation.

The WYD Rio Accommodation Department has already launched a campaign to get host families on board. Host families offer pilgrims a safe haven, a family home in which to spend the week of WYD, a chance to get to know the local culture and the local church, and learn some Brazilian Portuguese.

If you can already read Brazilian Portuguese, visit the WYD Rio website for more information on registration and housing.


  1. luba zaiver says:

    i want to go 4 this big youth progam.

  2. Zulfiqar Bhatti says:

    i want to participate in WYD please help me and connect my on my details Thank You..
    Zulfiqar Bhatti

  3. farhan wilson says:

    please send me WYD2013 registration form
    on the E-mail


    hi iam Jackson Yousaf working as a a youth coordinator in my catholic church. how can i join in as a group or family / please send me registration from and deadline date to summit registration from.

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